5 Short Story Writing Contests Available in 2018

185 Short Story Writing Contests Available in 2018

Do you enjoy writing short stories? Why not enter a short story competition and see how your skills stack up against others? Winning a writing competition could be the spark you need to ignite a career as a famous author. It all starts with entering your first contest, pick one of the 5 mentioned below and get to work on your masterpiece!

1. The Weekly Reedsy Short Story Contest

Do you enjoy writing short stories? Visit Reedsy.com and sign up for their email newsletter. Every Friday, Reedsy publish guidelines for their weekly short story contest. Select of five themes offered by Reedsy and create your short story based on those guidelines.

Weekly winners have their work published on the Reedsy Medium blog, which has thousands of unique visitors every day, including famous writers and editors that may like your work! Reedsy also offers a cash prize of $50 to the winner.

2. Write the World

This contest is for young writers aged 13 to 18. This kiddies contest helps sharpen their skills by providing them with a mini writers boot camp. Contestants are allowed to submit the first draft of their project for editor feedback. After receiving their editor notes, the kids have the chance to make adjustments before submitting their final piece.

The winner receives a cash prize of $100, and the runner-up gets a $50 prize, with the winner of the editor’s award receiving $50 as well. All three winners have their work published on Write the Worlds blog, with comments from a judge run alongside them. This monthly contest features new prompts for every competition.

3. African Poetry Book Fund Prizes

The APBF awards prizes annually in three different categories. The Sillerman First Book Prize for African Poets awards $1,000 and a publication contract to the winner. African authors must submit an unpublished book-length collection of poetry to enter.

The Glenna Luschei Prize for African Poetry awards $5,000 for a book of authentic African poetry published in the year before the competition.

The Brunel University African Poetry Prize is the latest addition to the contest; A £3,000 prize awarded to an unpublished poet of African descent. Submissions must include 10 unpublished poems.

4. Prose.

Prose offers a weekly writing competition for short story-tellers. The focus of the contest is on creativity and fun. Prizes are anywhere between $100 to $200 with low word counts between 150 and 500-words.

The judges aren’t concerned with length; they want to see quality, not quantity. This contest is a fantastic platform for storytellers looking to enter their first competition, visit their website for further details.

5. To Hull and Back

This annual free contest is open to writers from around the world. The competition praises works of fiction and non-fiction told with humor and a light-hearted feel. You’ll need to be imaginative if you want to impress the judges with your work.

The maximum word count for submissions is limited to 2,500, and the deadline for entries is July 31st, 2018. A small entrance fee of £11 is required to process your contest application.

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Writing Picture Books vs. Chapter Books for Children

Picture Books vs. Chapter Books

Many writers face a dilemma when it comes to writing for children. They know that they want to write kid’s books but they are not sure whether they want to write picture books for very young children or chapter books for older children. There are several things that you need to keep in mind if you are faced with that dilemma. Mostly, it comes down to understanding the differences between these two types of kid’s books and deciding what you can write. Let’s look at some of the things that you need to bear in mind.

What Exactly Are Picture Books?

First, let’s define exactly what picture books are. Picture books are sort of divided into two different categories. The first are what are called board books. Board books are thick and made out of heavy cardboard due to the propensity of their targeted readers to drool on them or throw them around the room. Board books are targeted towards kids aged 3 to 5. Picture books can be paperback and are targeted towards kids aged 5 to 7.

What Exactly Are Chapter Books?

Chapter books, on the other hand, are books without pictures. They are so named because they are divided into chapters unlike books for younger children. A category of books called first readers may fall into this category as well; although they do not usually include chapters; but chapter books usually means middle grade novels and sometimes young adult novels.

Determine Which Types of Books You Can Write

Understanding which type of book you can write successfully is an important first step. One of the things that people believe that is simply false is that writing books for very young children is quite easy and anyone can do it. Many people start off on that path because it only takes a few hundred words to come up with a children’s book. The truth is, writing a book for children requires just as much skill and work is writing a book for teens or young adults.

Understand the Difficulty in Marketing & Self-Publishing for Very Young Children

You should also know that marketing books for very young children and self-publishing them can be very challenging. For one thing, whatever you include pictures in a book it is going to reduce your royalties in digital format. That’s because adding the pictures results in a lot more bandwidth being used to transfer the book to Kindle or other e-reader devices when they are purchased. In addition, it can be very difficult to market these types of books as a self-publishing author because the industry catalogs where they would normally be listed for purchase by libraries and schools may not be available.

Keep in Mind That You Can Try Both

You should also keep in mind that you can try both middle grade writing and writing for very young children and see which one you are better at in which you prefer. The important thing is that you try both.

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3 Books You Absolutely Have to Read Before You Turn 30

Why are there certain books required to be read at a certain age?

Books are amazing because they have the power to transform a person across time and space into a completely new world where everything is beautiful and exciting. It is a way to view the world through someone else’s eyes! See certain things that you have never even dreamt of seeing! And then there are these special books that leave an impression on you for the rest of your life and even manage to affect it. Books like that are a must-read and some of them ought to be read before you turn 30. Here are our choices:

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath is an astonishing book. It is a very intimate look into someone’s life, it is fun and yet extremely tragic and gut-wrenching. There is no other book out there that is more personal as the story in the book deeply reflect the true-life story of Sylvia Plath. It is a must read before you turn 20 because in a way it prepares you for the cruelties of the world and how life often takes unexpected turns. The book openly talks about mental health issues, which many young people experience too, but since it is often such a taboo topic it is often difficult to understand what is happening to you or where to turn for help. This book helps to understand the world a bit better.

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

To Kill a Mockingbird is a very beautiful tale about childhood, growing up and how society works. It is a book that follows the lives of three children in the South and how they witness racism in the South. Racism is a very sad and complicated subject but the book manages to present it in a simple and understandable way. The complexity and tragedy of it is portrayed in a way that after finishing the book your morals will be improved.

The Body by Stephen King

There is no other more beautiful and moving coming-of-age story than the one that Stephen King wrote about the friendship of four boys and their summer together in Maine. It is a story about the relationships we built in our lives, about the lesson we receive and how that shapes our mentality and affects who we later become. It is a story that will make you both laugh and cry because it will feel very familiar. One cannot grow up without having read this masterpiece.

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How Do You Choose An E-book Reader?

What is an e-reader and do you really need one?

E-readers have always been quite popular but it is lately that their prices started gradually yet constantly to go down. Now everyone knows of Kindle, but there are more readers out there like, for example, Nook. All of these today cost below $100. Even though it is a very fair price for a good piece of technology that does not need constant upgrades and lasts for a long time, some people feel that it is still a bit steep since an e-reader is still just a single use device. Of course, some of them do offer extra features like the internet but often it is more unsafe to surf the web with an e-reader than to leave your laptop password unprotected. On the other hand, there are tablets which can perform all functions perfectly, yet they are a lot costlier and chances are, they will not last as long as an e-reader. So, with all these questions asked, what shall one do and how to choose a proper e-reader that will suit all of your needs?

What is the main difference between some e-readers?

The main difference between e-readers and tablets is that both have a completely different display. Most commonly e-readers contain e-paper screens that usually do not need a backlight to produce visible images. Black and white colours are the standard for e-readers with some, usually 16 levels of gray. That is nothing surprising, because if an e-reader will be used only for reading it does not need to contain colour or other features that would require a different screen. It is a device designed solely for people who love to read, so no apps or games can be used on an e-reader. However, colour e-readers do exist. Having said that, they will never be as good as the tablets out there because most of the tablets produced today have LCD screens.

Which books are most suitable for an e-book reader? 

It seems that an e-reader was created with a certain person in mind and that is a person who reads a lot. People with other hobbies, such as cooking, knitting or writing prose are better off with using a tablet. Why? Since e-readers use black and white e-paper it is impossible to use interactive elements in them. That means that it is a more suitable tool for books like fiction or nonfiction. Titles like cookbooks, travel books or even textbooks will not be displayed properly on an e-reader because of the display issues, hence someone who enjoys cooking a lot and thinks about purchasing an e-reader might be better off with a tablet. E-readers also do not support enhanced books, so you will not be able to use that one book that has videos or other media files in it.

If you are looking for an escape, then e-reader is the right choice

If you are someone who wishes to escape from the outside world and lose yourself in a moment of relaxation, then e-reader the obvious choice for you. You will be able to download and own thousands of books in one place, it will be a lot cheaper than buying paperbacks as well as it will open new space in your home. One could argue that all of the above is achievable via a laptop or a tablet, but owning an e-reader allows you to escape the seduction of social media. E-readers will not allow you to be lazy or to surf the web. It is an item that has one goal only and the goal is to get you to read the books that you have been wishing to read all these years. So, get yourself an e-reader and choose one that does not break the bank, has a lot of memory on it, comes with a strong battery and a nice-sized screen. That is all you need and the choices on the market are equally good. Just remember that sometimes less is more.

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Tips to help children develop good reading habits

Why is reading important?

It is quite important that your child has well-developed reading skills as not only it help the child to grow his imagination and creativity which in return can make the child’s brain more active. So, if your child starts to read more books, he or she will be more creative and will find it easier to express himself. Not only that, being exposed to the beauty of books at a young age will make an easier for your child when it is time to start school. However, it is not always easy for parents to develop good reading habits in their child children. The good news is that there are some tricks you could hide up your sleeve that will make this task a lot easier!

Read a lot of books yourself!

Yes! It is that simple! By reading a lot of books yourself you are presenting a good example to your children. Simply make sure that they see you reading and in no time, they will want to join you themselves. When reading teach your children that it is done not only for pleasure, but also to gather information, understanding of the world and to connect to others. If your child sees you reading every single day soon enough he or she will start understanding the importance of reading. It is not a big secret that children most commonly pick up their own habits from the parents, so try to always set a good example and create a literacy-friendly environment at home.

Create a little book club at home with your children

Do not forget to discuss what you read with your spouse and your children. But more importantly always take interest in what your child has been reading and what they thought of it. Do not limit the discussion to just books – openly talk about magazines they like, articles that they found most interesting. A great way to spark their reading habits is to discuss their most recent reads and connect them to real life events. If you notice that your child is more interested in one specific genre or topic, then encourage him follow his passion. Share your personal experiences on an even deeper level by introducing your favourite childhood books to your children. Discuss what was popular when you were little –  which magazines, authors, characters were most beloved. Share which book or even which line of text has had the biggest effect on you. It will not only help to develop good reading habits in your children, it will be a great way to increase your bond even more. If your family is multi-lingual, then great – read books and stories in different languages, as it will prove to be extremely fun for your baby. Last but not the least, do not forget to have fun with it yourself.

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Why is it important to read books?

Since when are books a part of my life?

I did not always love reading books. It is a passion of mine that grew very slowly over certain periods of time. When I was little I would prefer someone else to read to me because the action itself would make me sleep. But then one day I wandered into the library and it filled me with a calm and peaceful feeling like I have never felt before. Since then I became addicted to literature and kept devouring books one by one with occasional breaks in between when I would not read anything at all. Right now due to large amounts of work, a recent move to a new flat and not-yet balanced life I am once again in the phase where I read very little, but that does not diminish my love for literature. But why do I love reading books?

Books help me to grow as a person

Reading has always been a way for me to grow as a person and expand my views in life. It has made my knowledge of the world and people bigger and better. Every single book that I have ever read has affected my personal and professional decisions, whether I decided to take on more responsibility or simply help someone cross the street. A book has been my biggest educational tool, that I can continue using till the day I die. I truly believe that I would be worse off if there were no books in my life. It is through literature that I realised that there are lives other than mine and the fact that I can read about them in the first place is a privilege.

Books help me to enhance my skills

Ever since I was a child I knew that I enjoy writing and it is one of the easiest ways for me to express myself. But I would not have realised that and chosen a professional path in writing without having read any books. It is reading that improves my expertise of language and makes me a better professional. It is because of reading that I can fluently express the feelings deep in my heart and belly when I see my loved ones, because without having read anything I would not have the words to speak.

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Here’s why it is so important to read books

Here’s why it is so important to read books

It has become essential by each one of us to avail reading skills in the present times, particularly for the sake of socioeconomic advancement.

Reading books comes with a lot of importance. Reading enables a person to understand more words and terms.

Reading books does not only help in gathering knowledge, but reading skills also assist people in increasing their fluency and that can be well determined by an educated person talks and behaves.

At the present time, when there is such a high competition, you need to have reading skills to make sure that you are educated in diverse fields.

If you look around in the market, you shall find a wide range of books available out there, especially if you visit the websites of premium publishing houses like Reedsy and, if you are thinking to start reading for the first time, it is always recommended to choose a book from the genre that suits your interest.

Some readers love to read story books while others prefer to read books based on some particular subject.

However, it is advised to try reading books from almost all genres to boost your knowledge in almost all streams.

A good reader can certainly become a good speaker (at least according to the famous websiteEntrepreneur). Moreover, reading books will help in developing the comprehension potential within you.

Reading books will help you come across different words and thus you shall be able to increase your stock of words by developing a regular practice of reading within yourself.

It would also help a person bring more quality into the written piece as well as help you gain enough confidence, both while reading and writing.

Reading books will also prove to be useful in areas of public speaking and it would also enhance the language skills within you. Therefore, if you are still not in a habit of reading books, try developing this habit within yourself in order to ensure your future success.

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Transitioning From Technical Writing to Book Writing

Technical writing is just one of the absolute most in-demand skills in the internet community. Your writing needs to be clear and understandable to your intended audience. Generally speaking, academic style writing isn’t suitable for internet content. The things that you write can vary greatly, but technical writing is a skill that translates well to book writing.

The very first thing an author has to do is to find their voice. In case the author mentioned something that you do not quite agree with, or fully understand then you have to inquire and suggest. In the event the writer wishes to, he can change the mental image within the next sentence. Though some expert essay writers are skilled and equipped enough with the ideal writing tactics to employ.

There are times that you meet writers that are echoes of different voices. Some writers locate their voices early. To locate your voice for a writer, you first have to find yourself. Many writers have dreams that turn into nightmares since they struggle for a means to get published. Most creative writers have a secret urge to enter a writing or poetry contest sooner or later in life.

What matters is how words are accustomed to clearly convey the function of the piece  You’d be surprised to discover that a large part of the best ideas are already in your head. If you realize that you are writing all of the time, you’re a writer. You will need to live the life which you have, explore whatever options are open to you, go after the things you need and need, or learn how to avoid or suffer the situations you don’t want.

Getting started with writing contests

Writing contests have come to be the location for writers of just about any type to become noticed. The writing groups hold a great deal of unique kinds of contests. There are a lot of basic methods that can be placed on the process of producing successful flash fiction.

Do exactly what you’re told or your entry is going to be thrown out. Do add the calendar year, or you’re going to be returned a good deal of ancient entries. It is possible to always compose a contest entry.

The prizes are extremely small, but the point is, it is an excellent place to start building a name and getting attention. If you opt to enter a writing contest, there are lots of advantages that a writing competition can give you. More than 2000 writing competitions show up on the web annually.

No matter your skill for a writer might be, there’s sure to be someone seeking your help. The capacity to relate to readers is crucial especially in the internet setting. Travel as soon as the opportunity presents itself. As a consequence, it is not hard to multiply your opportunities for a cash prize. Finding out how to persuade and influence will produce the difference between hoping to have a better income and having a better income. Some of us will say yes, some folks will say no.

The real words used in legal writing can be split into four categories, Words from different languages. Not everybody has a way with words. Writing a tribute is easy, but sifting through your knowledge base to find the appropriate words is often quite tricky. Entering a writing contest helps a lot with that.

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