Amazon launches waterproof ‘Kindle Oasis’

Why to buy a Kindle

A new advanced e-book reader has been launched by Amazon on Thursday. Its name is ‘Kindle Oasis’. It features the highest resolution display company has ever made. It is also the company’s first waterproof device and has received an IPX8 rating.

Right now, you can pre-order it for $249 (8GB model) and $289 (32GB+Wifi+free 3G). Amazon will start to ship it from November 13.

On a full charge, this device runs up to weeks and it also has fast charging capabilities. You can charge it from zero to full in less than two hours.

Now let’s come to more features. It has a large 7-inch, 300 PPI display. As we have discussed, it is waterproof with IPX8 certification. It’s more thin, light than its predecessors.

You can use this (fantastic) ebook reader now in more number of ways ever before. It can be immersed in two-meter-deep water for up to 60 minutes. Although I am sure you are not going to try this one at home.

On its 7-inch 300 PPI display, it supports 30 % more words per page than previous models and it also has the fastest page turns of any Kindle.

The display has no glare even in sunlight which is great for book publishing companies, as they can push their products to more people than ever. The laser quality texts appear crisp with uniform lightning. It has the strongest cover glass with aluminium back.

You can also buy its water-safe fabric covers . Colour options are indigo, charcoal and sandstone colours. There is also an option for premium leather covers available in black and merlot colours. You can also buy covers that open like books and they will wake the device when opened. Closing will sleep the device.

Should you buy it?

This book reader contains everything a book reader needs. You can download any book you want to eat. It gives you flexibility and various other features. You can consider buying one of these.

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